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Bad Motorcycle Riding Habits You Should Immediately Change

Covering controls

Many riders choose to leave their controls (clutch, brake lever, and brake pedal) uncovered when riding. This is a lot more dangerous in the city where the amount of stopping space available is less. Covering the controls while riding gives one that extra half a second to react quicker and probably escape an accident. On the highway, one can leave the brake pedal and clutch uncovered to an extent but always have the brake lever (front brake) covered even on the highway.


A lot of Indian riders are guilty of this bad habit. Indian roads are generally a bit of a nuisance with traffic sticking close to each other and a general lack of awareness about driving or riding safely. This unconsciously leads riders to stick close to the traffic in front. Many riders end up following the same practice on the highway too, which can be dangerous. Tailgating the vehicle in front of you will impair your vision and reduce your stopping distance in case of an emergency. Riders will need to make an active effort to get rid of this nasty habit.

Basic maintenance

Ok, so this one is not so much about riding but rather taking care of your motorcycle. Many riders in India rely on the service center or local mechanics to take care of their motorcycles and are generally clueless about motorcycle maintenance. Thus, if a small part wears out, they often continue to ride without replacing it. Brake pads, chains and sprockets, and tire pressure are some of the areas that riders need to look out for actively. Service or replace the specific part when required, and these small adjustments will go a long way in ensuring a smooth ride.

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