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  • ✔️Ergonomic design: ergonomically designed tire foot pump, double or single cylinder design, greater air pressure, less leakage, easy to flush in double or single cylinder high pressure pumps up to 160 PSI, Accurate to below 150 PSI.
  • ✔️The folding bicycle air pump has a compact frame design with a built-in safety pedal locking clip to keep the body stable and does not pop up suddenly. Suitable for travel or home use, the pedal inflator is free to pack and fold! Easy to store and take up no space.
  • ✔️Precision Pressure Gauge The portable high pressure foot pump easily monitors air pressure using high precision instruments. When inflated, the air pressure can be viewed in real time to avoid excessive blasting.
  • ✔️Three suitable petrol tire pumps do not use conversion, saving time and effort. External detachable chill strip, approximately 72 cm long, easy to disassemble and load, easy to maintain
  • ✔️Durable, versatile The pump is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, stroller inflation, wheelchair, bicycle inflation, mountain bike, inflatable motorcycle, electric car, ball inflatable toy, inflatable bathtub, swimming pool buoy, etc.


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